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NITROGAS has a strong commitment with the accessibility of the web and want that all the contents reach the maximum number of users, in spite of his or her condition of handicap. Therefore NITROGAS uses standard technologies established by the W3C and follows the Accessibility Policies WAI 1.0:

  • Structured order of presentation of the elements, both on the screen as in the HTML code.
  • Carefully selected color combination for the web, to be able to be seen by people with any kind of visual handicap.
  • Identification of the main language of the page.
  • Simplified navigation system, including assistances as links to the home page.
  • Alternative texts for the images.
  • Correct design of the pages to be seen as standard as possible in any web browser.

If you find any kind of problem about accessibility or you would like to do any comment or suggestion about this subject, do not hesitate in contacting us. For those comments you could use the form of the Contact page.